A high-end, fully mechanical, weight-driven, 15-day remontoire timepiece, handcrafted from hardwoods, steel, brass, gold, invar, & mother-of-pearl. 

Without the need for electricity or batteries, this clock will tell the current solar time (conventional time) the way it was told centuries ago: via a series of fully functional hardwood gears. Its lunar complication will also tell the current phase of the moon via a revolving indicator made from Gabon Ebony & Holly. A brass mallet will gently chime the full moon each month.

The remontoire at the top of the movement will be designed to trigger every minute, engaging the drive train, spinning a flywheel, & allowing a series of detents & cams to reapply smooth power to the escape wheel via two coiled springs.

This design represents a study of the brilliant work done by John “Longitude” Harrison in the 18th century, incorporating his rolling chordal pitch gearing, his legendary grasshopper escapement, & his use of the rare, self-lubricating hardwood Lignum Vitae for all bearing surfaces—eliminating the need for oil. The 24” compound pendulum will swing once every two seconds, allowing the intricate working of the clock’s escapement & remontoire to be easily observed.

Glass-housed, L1 will stand nearly 35” tall upon a hardwood base, featuring eight pristine brass & hardwood gears that range from 1” to more than 12” in diameter. The clock’s size, shape, & craftsmanship will make it an outstanding showpiece & heirloom for the office or the home.