B1 will be a full-sized hardwood homage to Martin Burgess' Clock Bdesigned by Burgess after the fashion of the legendary John Harrison, & completed by Donald Saff & Charles Frodsham and Company several years ago.

This piece will incorporate the use of modern materials while staying true to Harrison’s original intent wherever possible. The movement, escapement, & remontoire will be made from a combination of domestic & exotic hardwoods, & the bushings, bearings, rollers, & pallets will be made from authentic Lignum Vitae. The remainder of the clock’s components will be made from steel, brass, invar, lead, gold, sapphire, & mother-of-pearl. Driven by weight, the clock will feature an authentic grasshopper escapement, true to the geometry & torque requirements established by Harrison in his pamphlet, Concerning Such Mechanism (1775).


Just one iteration of B1 will be made. It remains available for commission.