W1 will be a large-scale, fully mechanical, weight-driven, 30-hour skeleton timepiece, handcrafted from Michigan hardwoods of the client’s choice, as well as silver steel, brass, invar, gold, & bronze.

Without the need for electricity or batteries, this clock will tell the current solar time (conventional time) the way it was told centuries ago: via a series of fully functional hardwood gears. Portions of the wooden gears & frame will be finished with a blended metal patina (copper, bronze, silver, or gold), giving the effect of wood flowing seamlessly into metal.

This design represents a large-scale study of the brilliant work done by John “Longitude” Harrison in the 18th century, incorporating his rolling chordal pitch gearing, his use of the rare, self-lubricating hardwood Lignum Vitae for all bearing surfaces, & a Brocot escapement of my own design (a grasshopper escapement is also available.) The compound pendulum will swing in seemingly slow motion, only once every 4 seconds, allowing the working of the clock’s escapement to be easily observed.

Artist agrees to build, test, & transport the clock described above, providing weekly or monthly progress updates to the client as desired.


As of now, one iteration of W1 has been spoken for, & one is reserved for a London exhibition. One clock remains available.

Total cost:     

$22,400 + transportation. 


50% of total cost due up front, balance due upon delivery.

50% Down Payment for W1